Wooden tub bath with salt from Praid

n the eastern part of Transylvania, on Szekler’s Land there is a region- the only one- that was named after its mineral resources: the Szekler Salt-Region. Furtunately now we don't need to travel further away to enjoy this a hot tub experience. Did you know that this salt is one of the best salt in the word? Our hot tube include 100 kg salt from Praid.

Beneficial Effects: 

  • helps with blood circulation 
  • it has a good effect on the kidneys 
  • has a large detoxifying effect (the detoxification effect of a 30-minute salt bath is equivalent to a 3-day fast) 
  • the NaCl content of the salt is 97% and it's include 84 kinds of minerals  


The spa equipment based on hydromassage technology, known and loved worldwide, has now become emblematic in the field of healthy lifestyle. The moving water at a good temperature, containing dissolved air, induces effective refreshment, our body is revived and we become much more energetic after a pleasant jacuzzi. As a result of the ideal 37°C water, body temperature gradually rises, blood circulation invigorates, blood vessels expand and the heart rhythm becomes healthier. 

Panorama jacuzzi 

Do you like to delight in the view to the Balaton? If your awer is yes, you must have to try our panorama jacuzzi. Not only the view is gorgeous, but you can your relaxation with music and mood lighting supplement. I can hear your favourite music with the built-in bluetooth speakers, so you don't forget your phone in your room!  


Did you know that even taking a sauna once a month has countless positive effects on the body? The reason for this is that our whole body reacts strongly to the heat and humidity prevailing in the sauna. Bacteria and viruses die in hot and dry air. The sauna is an excellent tool for relaxation and spiritual meditation! 


The effect of the infrared sauna is a means of natural healing. Infrared radiation is able to penetrate human tissues, and as a result, it has a rejuvenating and health-improving effect. In addition to its de-slag effect, it also has a consuming effect.


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